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Thanks for dropping your details below! I'll be in touch with you as soon as possible! 

Thanks for dropping your details below! I'll be in touch with you as soon as possible! 


Hi, I'm Ashlee, the founder & director of multi award-winning Eden Spa

Now that I've got the whole biz-woman opening liner out of the way, the everyday Ashlee is probably very similar to you. 
Let me just say that I've been through a heck of a lot in my own personal and business journey. 

Prior to opening Eden Spa, I was just your regular 21 year old girl, Studying my Business Degree while working my way through the corporate ladder in huge businesses like Rheem, Gravox and Swissotel. To be honest with you, I was smashing it! I was completely in my element! However, my world would suddenly change when I had a new direct manager come into light. She took it upon herself to severely bully me in the workplace, which gave me a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety. Over time I began to really struggle with mental illness and my self confidence, which quickly depleted. After dealing with so much emotional abuse, I ended up developing a neurological speech disorder, called Actor Spasmodic disorder. It meant that whenever I went to speak, my vocal cords would literally cease up, making me unable to speak. My only help to overcome this disorder was botox injections in my vocal cords. And yes, it was super uncomfortable. 

My suffering continued for months on end. Feeling at a complete loss, I tragically attempted to end my life, resulting in my hospitalisation and relying on life support. Medically, I was not supposed to make it through. But I did. I survived. In light of an awful situation, I discovered that an overwhelming break down can have an undeniable breakthrough. Believing that I was given a second chance at life, I pursued a mission to make a difference and help others escape any difficulties they may be facing, even if just for an hour long facial. I conceptualised Eden Spa - a complete haven of relaxation where not only people can unwind and feel safe, but so would my staff.  

My first Day Spa I ever opened, in Camden, NSW. 

After a lot of time spent rehabilitating myself, I opened my first Day Spa in 2011 straight from the ground up with no investors, no databases and no followers. And, wait for it... absolutely no beauty experience at all. That's right - none what so ever! The only beauty experience I ever had was being the client!

In my spare time (if I ever have any lol), you'll find me unstacking the dishwasher at home and getting the kids ready for bed #mumlife. I've also got four dogs, two very active children and my amazing husband. In the mornings you'll find me waking up in my Kmart pajama's but glamming it up for a biz event in my Camilla's.

Oh, and Pinterest... don't get me started! I'm hooked. 

Mostly though, I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, an entrepreneur, a business coach and someone who is passionate about providing you the tools you need to exceed.

I've done the hard yards, been in the dumps and I've learned from the mistakes, so you don't have to make them. So, what are you waiting for? Let's work towards something HUGE!

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